by theboss on August 13, 2013

GarnetCrystal_SpessartineWe all love a bit of prosperity – correction – a lot of prosperity! And garnet is the stone to remind us that it is ours if we simply allow it to be. As a gemstone, garnets have been very popular for thousands of years in many ancient cultures (Romans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Bohemians amongst them). With a hardness of 6.5-7.5 and a range of rich colours it lends itself very well to jewellery. Amongst this family of stones are some of the rarest of all stones – Demantoid Garnets. These beautiful olive green stones with the refractive quality of a diamond, were first discovered in Russia, whose mines have now been exhausted. Now they are mostly found in Africa (Namibia and Kenya). I have an emerald cut stone waiting for inspiration on a suitable setting!

Of Garnet’s many forms and colours, most commonly known are the deep, claret red of a cabernet wine. There are in total six types of  garnet, each with it’s own mineral composition (with a base of aluminium silicate) and energetic qualities:

Rhodolite (the red variety), made of a magnesium aluminium silicate, with energy frequencies of emotional healing, self-worth and following the spiritual path

  • Almandine, a deep damson colour of  iron aluminium silicate, with energy frequencies of strength and security
  • Spessartine, a pinkish red (as in the picture) manganese aluminium silicate for creativity, sexuality and attraction
  • Grossular, a green garnet that includes Tsavorite and Demantoid, formed of calcium aluminium silicate, which resonates with prosperity and health
  • Andradite, a black garnet of calcium iron silicate vibrating in tune with earth energies, protection, knowledge and creative power
  • Uvarovite, a deep forest green of calcium chromium silicate, the energy of which support overcoming poverty consciousness and manifesting abundance.

Quite a few variations on today’s crystal, so I will give the general picture and message of this stone, which primarily concerns our prosperity. In the Book of StonesRobert Simmons writes :

“Garnets are tools for making the products of creative imagination manifest in the three-dimensional world. The various kind of Garnet are keyed to different types and levels of manifestation, but all are good for grounding one’s dreams and desires in the physical domain.”

It is a stone that reminds us of the abundance of the universe and the availability of this abundance to every one of us. It calls to us to demonstrate to others the truth in this – that we each have the power and birthright to create abundance in our lives – to have all of our needs met.

Garnets act on the first chakra, the root chakra and source of the kundalini energy (also our sexual energy) that is our driving force and source of creation. It is the fire in the engine. Sometimes this energy gets blocked or perhaps locked down after a past trauma or because we are afraid of not being able to handle the power it holds. It may also be misdirected – led by the ego into self satisfying but ultimately destructive pursuits – such as sexual addiction. In his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Napoleon Hill wrote of this energy – referring to the sexual energy which, when not expended in the usual way, provides a potent, powerful driving force for worldly achievements.

Garnet will help to unblock the energy of the first chakra, allowing it’s energy to flow through its natural path through the chakras. It will remind us of the plenty that the earth has to offer if we will simply open ourselves to receiving it. Then we will only have to ask for what we need and be able to recognise it when it appears – because it doesn’t always arrive in the form you expect!

Have a prosperous day!


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